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The UTLBC is an  inter-institutional forum for coordination and joint   implementation of  development programmes and policies by all the   financial institutions operating  in a Union Territory. Although UTLBC is envisaged   as a bankers’ forum, Government  Officials are also included.

  • To  discuss issues, consider alternative   solutions to the various problems in the  field of banking development   and evolve consensus for coordinated action by the  member institutions.
  • To  do the necessary spade work for   formulation of Annual Credit Plan by getting in  time district-wise   resource allocation by banks and dis-aggregation of the  various   Governmental programmes.
  • To  undertake critical analysis of the   progress of the implementation of Annual  Credit Plan  & Govt. and   other  agencies sponsored credit-linked programmes / schemes in the   various districts.
  • To  review the assistance required and provided by Govt. agencies.
  • To  consider problems referred by the district level forums and take necessary  follow-up action.
  • To  oversee the implementation of branch expansion programme.
  • To  review the recovery performance.
  • To  ensure arrangements for training of both bank and Govt. staff as well as  evaluation of the programmes implemented.
  • To  take up for consideration such issues as   have been raised by the member banks  and/or the Union Territory Govt. authorities   and questions or inter-bank difference of  views and approach remaining   unresolved at the District Level Consultative  Committees.
  • To  solve operational problems in   implementation of Service Area Approach, Credit  Plans, Govt. and other   agencies programmes etc.
  • To  consider ways and needs of extending   coverage through organization of Farmers  Service Societies or adoption   of Co op. societies, etc.
  • To  serve as a focal point for the banking system in the Union Territory for securing better  liaison with the Union Territory Govt. authorities.
  • To  examine the inter-institutional coordination in the formulation and  implementation of the Annual Credit Plans.
  • To  review the trends in the flow of credit into rural areas and to the small borrowers  in the neglected sectors.
  • To  purposefully review the picture revealed   by the data compiled in accordance  with the new system of returns and   take follow-up measures to ensure speedy disposal  of loan applications,   to improve the pace of credit assistance under specific    programmes/schemes such as SGSY, PMRY, SJSRY, REGP, Employment   Generation Programmes etc.
  • To  review Credit: Deposit Ratio, Priority Sector Advances, advances to weaker  section, financing of minority communities etc.
  • To  undertake/ entrust study of any specific   problems in implementation of Lead  Bank Scheme, Services Area Approach,   Development Programmes, etc. by appointing  Study Groups comprising of   representatives of ¾ banks and Govt. departments  more intimately   concerned with the problems or having greater expertise at  their   command.
  • To  review progress in implementation of official language.
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